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About Medicinal Leech Therapy (HirudoTherapy)

Hirudotherapy or Medicinal Leech Therapy (MLT), uses the natural healing properties of leeches to treat various health conditions. This medical practice, with roots in ancient Egypt, involves placing leeches on the body to release beneficial substances. We now offer this effective, holistic treatment in London, providing a natural alternative for health and wellness.

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Medicinal Leech Treatments

Hirudo medicinalis harness some natural healing. Their saliva’s anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, and analgesic properties improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and support tissue health. Especially effective for postoperative recovery and venous congestion, this therapy blends traditional wisdom with modern medical practices for optimal healing and recovery.

HIRUDOTHERAPY with Hirudo medicinalis.
bioactive compounds of nature

Cosmetic Anti-Aging Facial Procedure with Small Leeches

Experience our advanced cosmetic anti-aging facial procedure for just £195, utilizing 7 expertly chosen baby leeches. This treatment strategically places 3 leeches on each side of the face and 1 in the middle, ensuring precise and effective results through the release of bioactive compounds.

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Bioactive substances in leeches and their effects

Leeches release over 20 identified bioactive substances, including antistasin, eglins, guamerin, hirudin, saratin, bdellins, complement, and carboxypeptidase inhibitors. These substances offer analgesic, anti-inflammatory, platelet inhibitory, anticoagulant, and thrombin regulatory functions. They also degrade extracellular matrices and fight microbes. Ongoing research may reveal even more benefits.

Our Treatments & Services with HirudoTherapy

Services we offer in Central London, tailored for back pain relief, headache alleviation, and liver detox. Each therapy session is tailored to your specific health conditions, offering a holistic treatment that harnesses the natural healing properties of Medicinal Leech Therapy.

Back Pain Relief

Specialized Medical Leech Therapy designed to reduce inflammation and ease lower and upper back pain, enhancing spinal health and mobility.

Headache Relief Sessions

Targeted leech placements on specific cranial and neck areas to relieve tension and migraine headaches, using natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of leech saliva.

Liver Detox Treatment

Leech therapy focusing on points that stimulate liver function and improve detoxification processes, helping to cleanse the body and boost overall wellness. Experience the natural alternative to chemical treatments with our liver detox therapy, which uses leeches to promote liver health and improve overall body detoxification.

Enhance Blood Circulation

By drawing out excess blood and improving circulation, leech therapy ensures that immune cells can move more efficiently throughout the body, enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

We position leeches on the skin near the incisions or swollen areas to effectively draw out excess blood, reduce swelling, and enhance blood flow.

Leech Therapy to Boost Immune Response

The bioactive substances in leech saliva, such as hirudin and other enzymes, have immune-boosting properties that can enhance the body’s ability to fight off infections and illnesses..

Maximize Therapeutic Benefits

Take the Action And Choose 5 Therapy Test Sessions

Leech therapy sessions typically last approximately 30 to 60 minutes. The duration can vary depending on the specific treatment area and the individual’s condition. During this time, leeches are allowed to attach and feed until they naturally detach, which ensures maximum efficacy of the therapy.

lOur trained therapists conduct each session, accurately identifying the optimal points for leech application to ensure safety and maximize the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

Discover Leech Therapy Sessions with our professional

About Our Therapists

Our trained therapists conduct each session, accurately identifying the optimal points for leech application to ensure safety and maximize the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

Discover Leech Therapy Sessions

Mobile Therapy Services in London

Our mobile therapists come directly to your location within London Zones 1-2, offering the ultimate convenience and comfort during your recovery. We understand the importance of receiving treatment in a comfortable and familiar environment, especially during post-surgical recovery or when managing chronic conditions.

For locations outside Zones 1-2, we apply a surcharge of £50 to cover additional travel expenses. This ensures that we can provide our high-quality service throughout the broader London area while maintaining the same level of care and professionalism.

WE provide Maximize Therapeutic Benefits


Originally famous in Eastern Europe, leech therapy is now available in London. Hear what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with Hirudo.Clinic

Originally from Eastern Europe, I had heard about the effectiveness of leech therapy. Now working in London, I needed a detox after an office party and decided to try a liver detox session with leeches. The results were amazing..

Yan Ulitovski

I was suffering from persistent headaches due to stress, I sought out leech therapy at London Hirudo Clinic. The relief was immediate — my headaches have significantly diminished, and I feel more relaxed. The staff was caring and ensured each session was seamless and effective. Highly recommended for anyone needing quick relief from headaches!

Anna Kumrick

After long hours at the computer led to chronic back pain, I tried leech therapy. The improvement was dramatic—less pain and more agility. The attentive staff ensured each session was comfortable and effective.

Maria Myson

Originally famous in Eastern Europe, leech therapy is now available in London.

Find Your Optimal Points for Medical Leech Application

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact us at ✉ [email protected]. We’re here to help you find relief and improve your well-being.

Course Announcement: Self-Application of Leech Therapy

Are you interested in exploring alternative healing methods? Have you heard about leech therapy and wondered how it works? We are thrilled to announce our new course, “Introduction to Self-Application of Leech Therapy”. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of leech therapy, its benefits, potential risks, and how to safely apply it at home.

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